About Arora Brush

The idea and thought of this company spreading its wings all over India and more was a dream that Late Mr. Lorind Chand Arora had when he started his very first manufacturing unit in the capital of our Country. His aim was to conquer the market by gaining customer trust and showing loyalty towards his customers by providing nothing less than superior. The same legacy was passed on to his Son Mr. Arjun Arora who left no stone unturned to fulfil his father’s dream and Thereafter his son the young and Dynamic Mr. Rohan Arora who has taken the company to new and higher levels of mass production without compromising in on Quality by bringing in the hype and vibes of the new generation with him .. He introduced a trend of new specialised machinery and state of the art work management skills to improvise on quality and minimize the wastage.

What Makes us so Special? 3 generations at work!
• We own and operate since 1960
• We Specialize in art supplies for every level of artist and artwork
• We Manufacture and have trusted Authorised dedicated distributors
• We Design and develop all our brushes in house
• We specialize in Professional in-house craftsmanship.
• We have excellent state of the Art Warehouse efficiency, order inspection & shipping process.
• We have Committed ourselves to serve artists and art
• We have been Serving millions all over the India as we stand by Made in India and Made for India Ideology
• Our commitment to quality and superior Craftsmanship makes us strive ahead to achieve our Manufacturing goals

Capacitating and Privileging Artists for more than 60 years
• Over 60 Years’ Experience! At Arora Art Brush Manufacturing company, we want our customers to know that we are here for them in every way possible and appreciate their patronage, support and relationship. We want everyone to enjoy what they are creating and create more art!

We work hard to provide
• Outstanding Finish Appearance
• Proven Durability
• Excellent Paint Distribution
• Better Overall Coverage with Less Effort
• Greater Efficiency in Production
• Smoother "No Drag" Brush Strokes
• "Cutting-in" Capability
• Superb Paint Lifting Capacity

Each and every Brush manufactured at Aroras is made by hand individually with a lot of love and effort.
We use the Finest Raw Material to formulate and produce finest quality handmade Brushes.
Backed by over 60 years’ experience in the art materials business, our staff and manufacturing unit has been here with you from your very first stroke at art you held up in hands.

One More Question?

If you have more questions, send us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Mr. Arjun Arora
Mr. Arjun Arora


Mr. Rohan Arora
Mr. Rohan Arora